Stop Chasing the Paper and Chase Your Purpose

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“No Longer Asking For A Seat. We’re Taking Over The Table” – Teri Donelson


I Must Say ...

“The first thing in improving one’s life is acceptance. The moment you can accept and deal with life, you can then accept who you are. Teri taught me first, how to deal with the inner part of me so I can see things clearly before Walking in my Purpose. This program is TRULY AMAZING!!! In just a short time, I’ve learned how to hold myself more accountable to grow as an individual Believe, Build, and Walk in my Purpose. I will recommend this program to anyone. NO…. matter where you are or where you think you are in your purpose, this program will offer you the education and knowledge to move forward or surpass your life and business. Thank you Teri for living in your PURPOSE to help others walk in their PURPOSE.”


I Must Say ...

“I am thankful to have the chance to work with Terí on a different level. Going through this program allowed me to zone in on the things I’m passionate about so that I can do what I love and make it profitable. Before coming into this program there were so many random thoughts and talents but I wasn’t sure how, where or if they fit in to my purpose. After going through this program I’m clear on the path I’m taking and am putting it in motion. Teri’s ability to help you think outside the box and pull the best out of you is definitely her calling and I’m honored to be a life long PURPOSE CHASER.”


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