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About Me

My name is Teri Donelson, founder and CEO of Purpose Chasing Academy and a founder and the COO of the Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil a leading program in the fitness industry. I am one of eight, raised by a single mother in a country town in Texas…. New Waverly! However I always knew there was something more waiting for me past the sticks and so my adventure started in 1996 after graduating from high school and attending University of Texas!

Faith intervened and I ended up in Cleveland Ohio in 2002 where I was married. That marriage produced two beautiful daughters, I gained a ton of weight and diagnosed as morbidly obese. I met a fitness guy named Phillip Weeden and after losing the weight I began to help him build his vision and that is where the adventure started.

Since 2014 I’ve been traveling all around the U.S. with Xtreme and what I realized is there are many women unhealthy physically and mentally, out here just existing. Moving in auto pilot not living in their purpose, so Purpose Chasing Academy (PCA) was born. At PCA we works alongside women who are unclear about their purpose and position in the Health, Wellness and Fitness industry. We guide them to FIND, DEFINE & TURN their purpose into A Thriving Business While Living A Successful Life.

My Mission

I’m on a mission to assist women become powerful! We know that women are strong but being strong is not enough! Women need to feel fulfilled, beautiful, understood and appreciated. So I work with women to help them create businesses and positions, I also provide a safe place for women to just be, and I have merchandise that reminds them of their beauty and power! It’s our time and women are no longer asking for a seat but taking over the whole table!

I believe that it doesn’t matter your background, or your current situation, you can shift your mindset; turn your passion into a profitable path and become successful in business and in life!


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